Bruno is the black version of bubba. Bruno is the 7'2 400 pound black guy that you meet when you first get into the slam. He tends to wear a huge grin, with his front gold tooth shining brightly as he grins at his new prison bitch. Advice : punch a guard. get solitary confinement. Or.. Find out why black people have large penises... Be scared!
Walking through the hall, one guard said to another, "I heard Bruno giggling last night, as he plowed that poor white boy mercilessly"

Nodding his head, his companion replied, "Yeah, i heard about that. I heard he said ' Imsa gonna make you my biatch lil boi. We brothas know hows to treats ya reeeeel good!"
by Kethry October 29, 2005
A person with no chill, like none at all.
Did you see that guy freak out over nothing
Yeah, his name is Bruno
by nochillnames June 21, 2016
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