The definition of the rapist in jail is slightly off. Bruno is originally a German name that means " brown skin" so the justification of the black dude in jail is somewhat correct. However, although the name is originally German, it has become popular in Italy and indeed most of Europe. In the USA it is not so common. Oh, and people with this name tend to be extremely witty and attractive. And modest.
Wow, Bruno is such an attractive Italian/German guy. And so modest as well.
by Brunothegerman January 19, 2006
The shorter way of calling someone a Brunette
That Madison girl is a Bruno version of Grace.
by eli173 March 30, 2009
An older man that preys on younger women. Often Lies about having had a vasectomy and about his age... say a particular Bruno is 42, he would tell his prospective younger females he is 38. Brunos are typically scumbags. They typically work low-paying managerial jobs and hit on minimum-wage employees.
That damn Bruno got me drunk and knocked me up! He said he'd had a vasectomy!
by loveGAgirl January 04, 2010
did u see bruno man
by n dawg August 27, 2008
A funny show by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. It will soon become overquoted and sell-out after the movie has been released.
----- ____
| O | | | __ __
| _/ | O / | | | | |\ |
| \ | \ | | | | | \ | O !!!
| O / | |\ \ | |_| | | \ |
|___/ |__| \__||_______| | \|
by BRUN0 January 31, 2008
In Texas Hold 'Em poker, the 2-card hand of 8-2, not suited.

Almost as bad as the worst hand in THE, 7-2 offsuit, you have to be a Bruno to play this hand.

If suited, it's called the Ultra Bruno.
He was chipdrunk so i went runner-runner all-in with The Bruno to make 8's full of deuces, rivering his pocket aces.
by Hughe Jass August 09, 2007
The area between the ballsack and anus.
Every time I take a step this bruno rash just gets worse
by MattJN May 26, 2008

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