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When you fart in your hand and throw it like a grenade at somebody.
Damn, son you just got Bruno Mars'd.

He got hit with it from 2 cubicles away, He got straight Bruno Mars'd
by sm3443 March 11, 2011
One of the most overrated singers of all time. Lyrics are bland and uninspiring, and done better by a lot of other people. His voice, especially in the song "Just the Way You Are", could use some improvement.
Ex 1:

"Did you hear Bruno Mars's 'Just The Way You Are'?"
"Aw, hell no, I'm listening to Billy Joel's 'Just The Way You Are'!"

Ex 2:

"Bruno Mars's song Grenade makes me want to kick the next guy I see in the balls for no apparent reason".
by TheFrickinPope April 07, 2011
He may be a nice type of midget but his whiny voice is really annoying. Why does he torture us with his songs that all sound the same?
*Bruno Mars' song starts on the radio*
Person: Nooo! Please nooo!
by TheTruth123yea November 12, 2014
A slacker that apparently doesn't have anything better to do than sit around with their hand in their pants.
They may also think they're really effing awesome, despite the fact that they clearly can't get a job. In extreme cases, they somehow believe that they'll manage to finish college.

Not a stoner, but enjoys snuggies and being nude.
"Today, I don't feel like doing anything."
"Good for you, Bruno Mars."
by vicimgd September 12, 2011
Damn! He makes lovable song but he is not lovable. Yeah you know? His face has no charm, elegant, and sexy image.

His voice is not cool enough to hear.
Bruno Mars : Had your eyes wide open, why were they open?
Fans : Seeing your face -o_O-
by FAGJUSTINBIEBER February 01, 2011
A wing-man who will catch a grenade for you. Grenade meaning an ugly girl.
Michael: Last night Henry was a fucking awesome Bruno Mars...
by HighGooch August 24, 2011
A 4ml dose of GHB in a shot glass with citrus juice. Orange or Tropical are preferred.
hey buddy, can I get a Bruno Mars..I wanna get wavey.
by The Lassoe January 18, 2013
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