Brunny is 24 and still hasn't hit puberty. He likes eating honey, like a bear, and speaks like he has a blocked nose. Prone to throwing hissy fits and storming out of English lessons crying saying "I have got the point, though!"
Someone who throws a fit for no reason is "pulling a brunny"
by GiantSnowman November 26, 2004
Top Definition
bright and sunny. When its a nice day, or a vibrant outfit.
Alxa: Woah, its so brunny!
Samar: I know i need my sunnies!
by Alxa September 15, 2007
A young male or female of the homo-erectus classification (usually in first year university), who frequents the Brunswick House at the corner of Bloor/Brunswick in the T-Dot or "The Brunny". Doubtful that they are any more intelligent than monkeys, Female Brunnies will be frequently seen vomiting on nearby curbs and doorsteps, while Male Brunnies fly into drunken rages, kicking neighbourhood recycle bins and trash cans into the way of traffic as a display of their obvious superior masculinity.

"Oh Shi... Brunnies... quick, get my gun."

"Aww... poor Brunny, all that wasted alcohol all over the sidewalk."
by JLV & BAM August 30, 2008
1. (noun) An alternative pronunciation of the word Brownies
"Ok everyone, after the meeting there will be brunnies."
by delizouz May 13, 2010
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