Brunilda. A rare, but unique
name given to girls, for the
most part. Brunilda means
'ready for war' or 'warrior

Brunilda is a loud but yet caring
person. She has a tough time
trying to think of herself as an
appealing person. Her self-esteem runs low at some
points, but she loves to bring
other peoples self-esteem up.
She's always known as the loud
and weird girl. She doesn't like
to judge people before she
knows them. She has a
personality mix or rude, bitchy,
caring, funny, and outgoing. She
can use all of those tributes to
her advantage.

Her main asset is her ability to
see or bring out the best in
people. She may let people in her
life a little to quickly and gets
disappointed quickly. You have
Brunildas trust until you do
something that may make her
rethink her trust for you.
Brunilda will only let certain
people close to her.
Brunilda is so funny and loving
by ineededawayout April 28, 2013

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