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A highly aggressive, litigious family, known for using a set of legal “Howitzers” to destroy anyone who looks in their direction the wrong way. They are known for using all tactics available, and will spend any amount of money and resources to make an example of someone who had crossed them on even a penny.
Better pay up before you get brunelled!

Disney will brunelle anyone who pirates their movies.; they will stop at nothing to make an example of a movie pirate.
by Bruce Nolop II July 06, 2009
An intelligent, opionated person that always wants their way. French and bossy. The famous Brunelles moto: Your first. After me.
Did you see how Ashley is acting like such a brunelle?!?!?!
by Ashley Kate June 03, 2009
A boy, whose dick is really small, and might infact maybe considered a clitorous.
Who what a brunelle
by Nick Burnelle May 27, 2009

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