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Bastard Drummond. Synonymous with bad Drummond. This creature lurks within a normally loveable and docile human being but reveals himself after copious amounts of one Mr. Jim Beam. Drummond is typically a fratty and sociable creature but Jim Beam turns this monstrously huge being into a bully known for picking on the weak and racist remarks. Much like drinking and driving, pain killers and meth, or Brett Favre and a cell phone, do not mix Drummond and Jim Beam.
Hey dude we got so hammered last night and my boy Drummond killed 2/3 of a fifth of Jim Beam by himself. He tried to fight every frat boy in sight, pissed on the edge of a busy road, and ran off in the night for six blocks before I finally caught him on his knees with his hands behind his head like a fucking episode of Cops. Then he talked shit to everyone we passed while I carried him home. Typical Brummond night.
by Deez Neutz June 19, 2011