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A "chinese banana" who acts black.
I saw some Bruised Bananas called Azn Pride
by TheNeonRaindeer February 04, 2003
4 9
Asain who trys to act black by wearing baggy clothes, listening to rap, and memorizing words to rap songs to seem gangster they also google search "Black People" on their 20,000 dollar laptop
did you see that bruised banana in the audience of BET
by 12 February 15, 2005
52 22
A derogatory term for an asian person who acts black.
"Oh my god, look at that bruised bruised banana playing basketball!"
by fokker July 09, 2006
22 14
when a person of either sex is performing fellatio, and that person giving said fellatio punches them in the penis before ejaculating. it could be a way of torture, punishment, or in some cases, pleasure.
She was going down on me, then right when I was about to blow, she gave me a bruised banana out of nowhere. She's so full of surprises.
by RedSpectre March 23, 2012
5 3