A party like atmosphere that is over the top with a sense of mischief. To throw down on a large scale whether it is drinking, fighting, or just general foolery.
Lets get everyone together for a bruhaha.
I'm so stressed I feel a bruhaha coming on.
That was quite a bruhaha last night.
#brujhaha #brujha-ha #brewhaha #brew-ha-ha #bruhaha #bru-ha-ha
by From the Candonese Dictionary February 03, 2010
Top Definition
a fight or some kind of argument between more than just two people. This specific kind of fight is usually just verbal because when it's physical, it becomes a bruhehe. So typically, bruhaha's are just between girls, but not always.
jan, marsha, and cinda were in a vicious bruhaha.
#bruhaha #brewhaha #brohaha #brehaha #bruhehe
by sillybillybob June 07, 2009
a fight or a brawl
a bru ha ha ensues.
#fight #brawl #punch #fistfighting #gang fight
by much 2 ur chagrin December 22, 2007
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