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thanksgiving with sell and fam was so brud. just waiting for that trytophan to start kickin in. lol.
by E. Chow November 26, 2010
The skater-slang combination of butter and good/better than good; when a trick is smooth (like butter).

Used in the western states.

Pronounced "bruhd"
Jay: bro did you see how smooth that finger flip bomb drop was?!
Max: yeah man it was brud!
by MaxAMill July 24, 2011
A combination of "bro" and "bud" spoken primarily by males who use them interchangeably and, hence, have difficulty picking between the two. A low-key term of endearment among friends.
"You gonna finish that last slice of pepperoni, brud?"

"I couldn't steal Filly's girl — he's my brud."
by essdogg January 19, 2010
the combo of bro and bud
yo brud whats up?
by gay boobs August 19, 2008
A slang term much like 'bro', 'dude' or 'man'. May be used to address a male or female.
"You going to the game tonight, bruds?"

"Nah dude, I'm staying home."
by ljsldjfal2343 August 22, 2008
one helluva dude
kinda like stud
The guy is such a brud
by anonymus January 18, 2005
Brud - ghetto speak for a 'rude boy', modern slang for blud or bruv.
Bob- Brud, did you see that Livi girl?

Tim - Yes, brud what a buffting!
by Samantha Tootangoo May 13, 2009