the combo of bro and bud
yo brud whats up?
by gay boobs August 19, 2008
Top Definition
The skater-slang combination of butter and good/better than good; when a trick is smooth (like butter).

Used in the western states.

Pronounced "bruhd"
Jay: bro did you see how smooth that finger flip bomb drop was?!
Max: yeah man it was brud!
by MaxAMill July 24, 2011
A combination of "bro" and "bud" spoken primarily by males who use them interchangeably and, hence, have difficulty picking between the two. A low-key term of endearment among friends.
"You gonna finish that last slice of pepperoni, brud?"

"I couldn't steal Filly's girl — he's my brud."
by essdogg January 19, 2010
Nickname for a guy. Slang from "brother" or "bruddha".
Imagine two young children at the arrival of a new brother, "we got us a new bruddha!", and with further shortening over time, the nickname of "Brud" sticks because his real name is too difficult to enunciate, and it's kinda cool.
by rocketphewl August 23, 2014
A slang term much like 'bro', 'dude' or 'man'. May be used to address a male or female.
"You going to the game tonight, bruds?"

"Nah dude, I'm staying home."
by ljsldjfal2343 August 22, 2008
one helluva dude
kinda like stud
The guy is such a brud
by anonymus January 18, 2005
thanksgiving with sell and fam was so brud. just waiting for that trytophan to start kickin in. lol.
by E. Chow November 26, 2010

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