Bruce Willis is without a doubt THEE hardest man alive.
He once killed 100 gangsters with a shoe lace and can piss out fire

Can also mean kick the crap outta' somebody
I'm gonner Bruce Willis your ass!
by Bruce Harris August 13, 2009
v. to shave balding hair on your head with the hope that it will make you look cool again.
e.g. from TMZ on Prince Edward's thinning hair: "He ought to Bruce Willis that."
by tuxwrench May 18, 2009
adverb/verb: to get beaten up extremely badly and/or repeatedly and still ultimately win and walk away.
"Man! Don pulled a bruce willis last night against five guys!"
"Last night, John bruce willised two guys at the bar."
by Stoneheart 5 October 24, 2011
n. someone who is obsessed with killing and has a propensity to keep living / or die hard
something of the nature of Bruce Willis in any Die Hard - please ignore The Sixth Sense
by Shanina July 16, 2005
When you rip of a yellow guy's dick off then punch the shit out of him.

when it's really cold out you start to jack off then you pore cold water on your dick then stick it on a frozen pole then stick a icicle up your ass then pull the icicle out of your ass and rip your dick of the the frosen pull at the same time.
damn! Bruce Willis just gave that guy in Sin City a Bruce Willis.

"man my tongue herts after sticking it to a pole then ripping it off." "You think that's bad, I gave myself a Bruce Willis and it still isn't healed fully but at least the skin grew back." "why would you do that, it's the stupidest thing ever!" "I made $50. you still think I'm stupid?" "yes."
by shafty Mick Jonhson April 17, 2006
Any cop figure with father issues that causes a serious issue by trying to take down an undercover cop because he just wants his girl back and is trying to impress her.
Everything was going great, until Bruce Willis made the everyone take shots before they drove home.
by hansgruber616 April 13, 2015

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