THE ONE MAN TO STRIKE DOWN THE ALMIGHTY CHUCK NORRIS!! he did. it happened in return of the dragon.

Bruce Lee overpowers a Chuck Norris joke no matter what
Bruce Lee killed chuck norris in return/way of the dragon
by FL!CK May 13, 2009
1. a well-known martial artist who entered Hollywood and became one of the most respected Chinese-American in US history, because all the white people were afraid they would get their ass kicked if they made fun of him. He barely had no body fat and his kicks would send people literally flying. Sadly, his tragic death was mysterious. Nobody knows to this day.

2. To kick someone's ass with great skill and techniques. (referring to Bruce Lee kicking a lot of asses)
1. Bruce Lee is bad ass.

2. Don't make me go Bruce Lee on your ass.
by JesterHat November 10, 2008
Someone Chuck Norris checks for under his bed every night before he sleeps.
Watch the movies of Bruce Lee
by GYLBZF February 16, 2010
Legendary martial artist who went on to star in several movies, and the only person who could really give Chuck Norris a run for his money.
Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon
by fjp3 July 13, 2009
only one that can beat Chuck Norris
check out Way of the Dragon cuz im not lying. Bruce Lee DID defeat Chuck Norris
by monkin May 11, 2009
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