The man who completely PWNED Chuck Norris.
"Did you see the way Bruce Lee completely PWNED Chuck Norris last night?"
"Yeah, Bruce was KING!"
by McVinster May 29, 2007
the only person who ever lived that was capable of kicking chuck norris's ass. he was killed by the triads for spreading knowledge of kung fu to the united states. (they had to poison him... if they sent their hitmen, none of them would make it out alive)
everything bruce lee ever did ever
by bopyloo April 04, 2012
A Legendary Martial Artist that appeared in many films such as 'Way of the Dragon'

Contrary to popular belief, Bruce Lee is in fact much better than Chuck Norris, not only because of Chuck's ultimate defeat in 'Return of the Dragon', but because of the fact that Chuck was actually taught by Bruce Lee and openly admitted that he was no match for him.
Instance 1:

Kid1: I saw Bruce Lee's film 'Return of the dragon' last night, it looked totally awesome and real!

Kid2: That's because it is real, Bruce Lee actually fights in his films


Instance 2:

Kid1: I'm gonna knock you down! My fists are like Chuck Norris'

Kid2: I'd like to see you try! My kicks are like Bruce Lee's
by Sazaho December 07, 2011
When the room is cooler than expected, and females in the office are wearing less than usual, the occasional Bruce Lee appears for the benefit of the males in the office..

why bruce lee?... hard nip !
defined for the lower IQ, nipples become erect in cold temperatures and tend to poke through flimsy tops
hhmm nice, we have Bruce lee in the office today
by satman May 13, 2004
The only man ever to walk the Earth worthy enough for Chuck Norris to lose to. See "Way of the Dragon" (1972)

The physical trauma of this encounter is the primary cause of Bruce Lee's death, contrary to popular belief.

Also used as a substitute for badass, awesome, ninja, supa-cool-asian, or a title for something who you suspect is Chinese
Being pwned by Bruce Lee is the second greatest honor known to man
by eohgaoeiuhaj September 08, 2010
erect nipples (hard nips)
that bird is gagging for it. look at her bruce lee's.
by nick August 21, 2003
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