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The one man who is greater than Chuck Norris.
Did you see that Bruce Campbell in Evil dead?

Quiet man, he might hear us and then rip us limb from limb and send us into the year 1300 AD.
by Haon8 July 27, 2009
The second in the hierarchy of movie gods. Only one step below Michael Clarke Duncan and one step above Kevin Spacey. His chin has been known to cause lesser beings to commit suicide. Women rarely walk out of his room after sex, they typically must be rolled on a wheelchair and/or taken on a stretcher.
Yeah, I heard Mark commited suicide!

Oh how come?

He saw Bruce Campbell's chin and realized his life was pathetic.
by ihfdayton July 13, 2008
1. Freakin awesome demon slayer (with cleft chin) in the Evil dead movies (plays Ash) who got his arm cut off and replaced it with chainsaw ( because he's just that awesome). Also works at S mart, housewares section.
Bruce Campbell cuts his girlfriend's head in half because of demonized resurrection. (blood squirted everywhere)
by yelow10 May 04, 2010
Nerds worship him, women love him, did I mention nerds worship him?
People at www.superherohype.com/forums are obsessed with bruce campbell.
by Spidey_Freak November 03, 2003
Evil dead 1,2 and army of darcknees wrote a book chin to rule the world wat more is there 2 say
bruce campbell has a chin to rule the world
by biggame September 19, 2005