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1. An Actor, who has starred in pretty much any movie worth seeing.

2. Possibly the coolest man alive.

3. Doesnt seem to show much interrest into the plot of the movies he stars in, as long as he can kill some terrorists.

4. The hugest sex object. In the world. Ever.
Dude1: Omg, you are watching Die Hard? Let me in! Thats the coolest movie ever! I just love Bruce Willies!
Dude2: Sure, join in!
Dude1: He pwns those terroists for real..
Dude2: ... Please stop touching yourself...
Dude1: oh, come on! You'd also be gay for Bruce Willies!
Dude2: ... Yeah, youre right.
by Niels Bundgaard November 14, 2006