The only man that could defeat Chuck Norris but failed because a brain aneurysm. Sad that Bruce was the best but couldn't beat Chuck in the game of life.
One-Inch Punch by Bruce Lee
by [Noah] August 31, 2008
the only famous person from asia who should have taken over asia
Bruce Lee's from asia?
by ermando pimp advance man December 21, 2003
Cockney rhyming slang meaning needing to urinate
Hurry up i need a Bruce Lee
by wez135 November 13, 2007
A 135 pound philosopher and and hack. Never competed in a tournement, for a very real fear his theories would be tested to failure.

1.) To be renowned for your attitude without any superior abilities.
A recent issue of "Black Belt" magazine was devoted to Bruce Lee (born Li Jun-Faan and called Li Sai-Lung in Hong Kong movies). As Joe Lewis pointed out in that issue, Bruce Lee never competed in any full-contact bouts, so he was only an actor. His real ability is thus a subject of speculation. It is a sure bet that many men in history have been much better than Bruce was. Some are men you never heard of. Oyama Masutatsu popularized karate in the 1950's,and he could easily beat Bruce, if both men were in their prime. Mas killed a bull with his bare hands. Wang Hsu-Chin of China was a great martial artist that amateurs never heard of. Karate masters broke their hands on his hard body. The master of Toad style in the 5 Venoms becomes invulnerable, and Wang Sifu and I achieved a great degree of that. Bruce Lee would only hurt his hands and feet striking a Toad master. Bruce was only 5'-6" his cousin said and weighed 135# in top shape (125-150 at times and even 165 when bodybuilding), so there is no way he could beat men much bigger and stronger. Many wild tales have been told about Bruce, so many men see only the legend and have no idea what the real Bruce was like. Some think Achilles was a real man in the 1194-1184BCE Trojan war, but he was not really 13.5 feet tall and 2300#. One sees how tales grow ever more fantastic about a man who becomes a legend. By the time Bruce has been around as long as Achilles, he may be 13.5' tall too. Bruce would not give Oyama Sensei or Wang Sifu a decent workout.

From a post on

a.) That poser is a real Bruce Lee, only thing he broke was the toilet and he needed his mama to do it for him.

b.) Men who worship other men, or fear women or visa versa are punished by both, and natural forces. Bruce Lee fans are on of many reasons people think rape in prison is funny.
by kathaksung September 02, 2008
Any Asian guy who is really into white chicks.
Wang Hung Lo is Bruce Lee; he only goes out with white chicks.
by Linda Lee June 30, 2006
Bruce Lee was the son of a famous comedian and actor who from a very early age was performing fake 'Screen Martial Arts' on stage and in some early black and white films. As Bruce got older he realised he wasnt any different from any other Hong Kong stunt man and there was no way he could compete with the likes of Jakie Chan who was prepared to jump of buildings n shit for real.
So Bruce decided to become a cha-cha dance teacher so he could get close to blonde American women. After years of hard dance training he finaly won the 1955 Hong Kong cha-cha dance championship. This was to be the only time Bruce competed in any kind of tournament.
A few months later Bruce got in a fight and had to be sent to America by his parents so he didnt get hurt .
When Bruce realised that no one in America knows anything at all about real Martial Arts he starts to teach a made up 'fighting system' that contains no moves, no form or kata that was realy a 'screen martial arts' system designed to be easy to teach actors with no fight experience to enable them look good in a fight scene. Many people have been fooled by the advertising agencies and people pretending to be instructors into thinking this was a serious fighting style and spend vast amounts of money buying books and tribute videos and TShirts and never understanding JKD for what it was supposed to be in the first place. Bruce eventually started to believe his own bullshit until eventually one day his brain started to swell and he died.
Oh yeah and he made a few movies in china to..
lol...Armchair Bruce Lee fans are usually 13yr old boys who get beaten up alot by 12yr old girls.
by 2xRDA May 22, 2007
The world's greatest martial artist.....

also the only pupil to survive under Chuck Norris.


Bruce Lee's real name is Buer LeCe. He was a Frenchman.

In 1964, Buer entered Chuck Norris' one-day boot camp along with 9 others who had the guts to do it.

At the end of the camp, Buer was the only one standing.

To merit his effort, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Buer's face at the speed of Norris (he would've done it bearfooted but he kept his shoes on because Buer was French) and Buer's entire physique changed into a yellow-skinned Asian. In addition, the kick was so powerful that Buer's name got jumbled into spelling "Bruce Lee."

Shocked and honored, Buer - now Bruce - moved to Hollywood to try to mimic Chuck's moves.

When Chuck found out, he disguised Bruce's death and brought him to be work in his kitchen.
Bruce Lee became Chuck's cook.
by Thomassssssssssssssssssss April 24, 2007

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