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An abbreviated form of "brother husband", the male equivalent of "sister wives"
"Oh my gosh, that hottie is brub"

"Paul Rudd will be a great brub to add to my polygamist family!"
by JewelCG December 31, 2011
A term for a young homosexual male that enjoys metalcore/deathcore music.
Guy 1: What's up, brub?

Guy 2: Nothing much, just listening to Suicide Silence. Want me to suck you off?

Guy 1: Sure.
by Bluggerford August 23, 2009
Buddy, pal, brother, friend, cool dude.
1. What's up BruB..
2. How you doing BruB...
3. What are you BruBs up to today...
4. See you later BRUB...
by MIKEYAKI, JOSHYAKI March 20, 2012
An adjective given to a male who is coming out of the closet
Guy 1: "Wanna hang out with tim tonight?"

Guy 2: "Is he a brub?"

Guy 1: "Yeah man don't worry"

Guy 2: "Sweet! I hope i can suck him off!"
by DanyV December 28, 2009
When a guy gets a "half-mast" or "chub" around his bro's / other dudes
Tom, if you have a brub, just sit down to hide it, thats weird as shit.
by mdgrmt June 26, 2010
a term to describe someone who you are completely comfortable and compatible with, someone who doing nothing with is in fact everything.
"i'm not in a going-out mood--i just want to be a brub."
by jacinte December 04, 2009
a term of an endearment made by combining 'bro' and 'bub'
Justin: What's the haps, brub?
Aaron: Just 'bout to dump this water on Chief's head..
Chief: Fuck you.
by texaschief August 16, 2008
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