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Buddy, pal, brother, friend, cool dude.
1. What's up BruB..
2. How you doing BruB...
3. What are you BruBs up to today...
4. See you later BRUB...
by MIKEYAKI, JOSHYAKI March 20, 2012
1 15
An abbreviated form of "brother husband", the male equivalent of "sister wives"
"Oh my gosh, that hottie is brub"

"Paul Rudd will be a great brub to add to my polygamist family!"
by JewelCG December 31, 2011
105 13
A term for a young homosexual male that enjoys metalcore/deathcore music.
Guy 1: What's up, brub?

Guy 2: Nothing much, just listening to Suicide Silence. Want me to suck you off?

Guy 1: Sure.
by Bluggerford August 23, 2009
53 53
An adjective given to a male who is coming out of the closet
Guy 1: "Wanna hang out with tim tonight?"

Guy 2: "Is he a brub?"

Guy 1: "Yeah man don't worry"

Guy 2: "Sweet! I hope i can suck him off!"
by DanyV December 28, 2009
12 26
When a guy gets a "half-mast" or "chub" around his bro's / other dudes
Tom, if you have a brub, just sit down to hide it, thats weird as shit.
by mdgrmt June 26, 2010
9 24
a term to describe someone who you are completely comfortable and compatible with, someone who doing nothing with is in fact everything.
"i'm not in a going-out mood--i just want to be a brub."
by jacinte December 04, 2009
7 27
a term of an endearment made by combining 'bro' and 'bub'
Justin: What's the haps, brub?
Aaron: Just 'bout to dump this water on Chief's head..
Chief: Fuck you.
by texaschief August 16, 2008
16 49