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A very famous sexual position. The male starts off by facing the female (vagina-up) on the bed, making sure they're both in full erect (males penis is red, hard, and large, and female's vagina is soft, thick, and very wide). The male starts off by masturbathing, make sure the sperm falls into the wide-open vagina. When the vagina is full of sperm, the male then dips his testicals into the clit. He then moves his body upwards and places his testicles on-top of the female's mouth. The female then licks the sperm off the testicles. When there is no more sperm on the testicles, the male goes back and dips his testicles in the sperm-filled vagina again. They reapeat untill the vagina is clean of sperm.
*Ohhh yesss!! Bru Chetta soo nice! Make sure you dip your balls more deeper so I can lick them for a longer time...Mmmmmm....*
#sex #sexual intercoarse #fuck #vagina #penis #pleasure #sex positioning
by Elim Vaga June 16, 2011
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