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Old school street terminology for Heroin.
In the Guns N Roses song "We've been dancing with Mr. Brownstone." AKA shooting heroin.
by TF610 December 19, 2009
32 6
a slang word the drug heroin
listen to guns n roses "mr brownstone" they said it better than i can
by rump-roast May 03, 2006
236 51
Guns 'n Roses - Mr. Brownstone
by Peter22222223 January 22, 2010
16 1
Heroin thats brown.
We been dancin' with, mr. brownstone, he's been knockin, he won't leave me alone........
by Noperzman October 05, 2010
8 2
A dark variety of sandstone, much used for building purposes.
A row house built of brownstone; reddish brown in color.
A reddish brown sandstone; used in buildings.
He was in the West Nineties, a long block of brownstone rooming houses.
(William S. Burroughs, 'The Junky's Christmas')
by darkmonkey April 30, 2006
36 30
a fictional medical condition, a kidney stone of the ass that blocks shit from comming out
Jack reall needed to take a shit but it wouldent come out because of his brown stone.
by LMxDurgex December 24, 2008
6 4
To annoy the crap out of one person day by day in order to attain company.
"Yo Alex G wants to hang out with me, he calls me, he nocks on my door, he won't leave me alone, what a brownstone.
by BB Lebs Aka Mega Rap Star June 20, 2006
3 63