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aka the hoodz in the woodz
"We're running a little low on marijuana. Let's go down to Browns Mills; I'm sure someone over there can hook us up."
by Browns Millionaire September 07, 2009
if you have no life and no job welcome. this is the place for you. a normal night here consists of 1 going to blockbuster and not renting a movie. 2 geting muged because you had a ten dollar bill hanging out of your pocket. 3 going to jc's and geting kicked out for the 5th time that month. 4 looking for crack. realy you do not want to live here it is a bottemless pit of piney's and drug addicts.
Guy 1: hey how was your trip to browns mills.

Guy 2: great my car broke down and out of 3 car parts stores none had the part I needed. that place is bull shit.
by miss arac June 14, 2010