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A small (but widley streached out) town in New Jersey where rap is concidered a religion. The same place where gangsters can crip walk and blood call at the same time. There is only one real hangout spot and it is behind the Acme plaza. When asking for directions you have to know where the 'old acme' is. Fast food is the only form of financial income, and the people that make your food are usually stoned. The only real sports are hackey sacking, and biking. Alchohal is the second main form of entertainment, and is indirectly supplied by the fast food companies. 75% of the 'currupted' youth has been to Hampton, the other 25% hide their feelings of anxt. Everyone has issues with their children and parents. All of the people with mental issues come here to retire because they cant keep a stable enough of a job to move anywhere worth while. The word "Quake3" turns heads in PTHS. 8th graders are badasses with anger issues. The freshmen keep getting progressivly smaller. The seinors are becoming fewer and lazier. The HSPA is pointless and the science portion keeps fluctuating. Its a big deal when a drug dealer dies to the high school's students, but no one will stop for a second when a freshman dies. Also, in the high school, there is one death for every grade. (Aslo, there is not really anything to describe about this town unless you are in school, and you would wish you wern't if you were) The only place to shop is roughly 20 mins away from your home. Here is some steriotypes for the area. 30% - gangster/rappers, 25% - potheads/rappers x2, 25% - emo, 19% - prep, 1% - goth/punk/other. If you graduate from PTHS, Collages will probably laugh at you. If you go to vo-tech, the students of PTHS will laugh at you. Thats about it. Browns mills is a dead end in life. If you can get out, do so ASAP.
Guy one: Browns Mills? Whats that?
Guy two: You know, that place between the rt 38 and rt 70.
by Mister-X February 05, 2006
100 66
aka the hoodz in the woodz
"We're running a little low on marijuana. Let's go down to Browns Mills; I'm sure someone over there can hook us up."
by Browns Millionaire September 07, 2009
24 14
if you have no life and no job welcome. this is the place for you. a normal night here consists of 1 going to blockbuster and not renting a movie. 2 geting muged because you had a ten dollar bill hanging out of your pocket. 3 going to jc's and geting kicked out for the 5th time that month. 4 looking for crack. realy you do not want to live here it is a bottemless pit of piney's and drug addicts.
Guy 1: hey how was your trip to browns mills.

Guy 2: great my car broke down and out of 3 car parts stores none had the part I needed. that place is bull shit.
by miss arac June 14, 2010
16 19