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When a guy takes a crap in another guys mouth and then the guy with the crap in his mouth sucks the other guys dick... so then the guy that crapped had his own crap all over his dick and then he gives the other guy anal, transferring his crap in to the other guys anus.
"Hey, your crap is in my rectum because of that brownie sundae"
"A brownie sundae is the dirtiest thing you could possibly do."
by Terry Bradshaw January 12, 2005
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The act of shitting in a females mouth, and jizzing on the pile of dump after draining your poop chute.
Last night after fucking my wife, i had the urge to shit, and figured id just do it in her mouth, had a wicked craving for a brownie sundae so jizzed on the turd and it resembled a brownie sundae
by Class Perves, were sick bitchs November 02, 2011
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When a guy/girl has another guy/girl shit on their chest and a guy cums on top of the shit, therefore creating a brownie sundae. Often it is then ate with a spoon.
Oh baby, give me a brownie sundae right on my chest!
by Matthew Paul July 08, 2006
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This term is used when two or more dudes, either gay or seriously plastered, both take a shit on the floor, mix it up, then see who can bust a nut on top of it first. The last person to jizz has to eat the steaming pile of dung topped with snake juice!
Gunther and Shane were so drunk and bored at the party, they went out back and made a brownie sundae. We knew because Gunther's lips were covered with shit and cum.
by JBgolferdude712 February 05, 2009
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