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1. to experience misfortune or to be treated unfairly; to be in a situation or scenario that is difficult to make successful progress. 2. past tense for describing the act of sexual intercourse.
1. "Dave was browned out of five dollars."; "I've lost my car keys, I am so browned."

2. "Dave browned the hell out of Sally last night.";
by MotoAdam January 28, 2008
The act of fucked over by another person. Originally derived from getting fucked over by a brown person.
Did you hear what happened to Saro. He got browned by Noel.
by Calvin Browntown November 26, 2007
the act of back-handing your woman, in order to put her in her place, back in the kitchen.
I browned that bitch Rihanna!
by sir chris brown March 07, 2009
A combination of what is currently the third definition in bro and owned. Pronounced like those two and not like the word "brown."
The term is similar to owned but more emphasized due to the reference to bro rape. A special kind of owned that shatters innocent world-views, self-esteems, and any fond memories of Jack Johnson that one may have had prior to being victimized in this fashion.
Hey did you see that news report last night? Scientology totally got browned by Anonymous.
by ChadBroChill3141592 April 05, 2008
When your dog gets you in a lot of trouble with its mess.
"Mom! The dog browned on the carpet!"
by Kitty (the coolest cat) July 29, 2005
to be under the influence of heroin.
That little rock of heron got me sooo browned I could walk straight!
by Shabaho February 04, 2004
To get browned. Smoke Marijuana. Get stoned.
Jim: Want another Bong?
Joe: Nah dude, I'm totally browned!!!
by Jim-bob April 09, 2003