To beat your BITCH.
Chris just browned Robyn F while driving to the Grammys.
by omalfi1986 March 07, 2009
The term refers to an action taken on by a hotel guest or a party guest.

1. When a hotel guest leaves the room and takes everything with them: soap, towels, amenities, ice bucket, pillows - anything specifically not bolted down or too heavy for one person to carry. A hotel guest that is given food and beverage amenities and takes them all is a good example.

2. When a party guest is invited to someone's house and takes with them a miniscule party favor. Then they begin to eat five plates of food that other guests brought and they take a to go box with them when they leave the party.
Hotel General Manager: "Let's go check out that VIP room that we had all of those special amenities sent to."

Rooms Division Manager: " I already did, the dude Browned us. I thought Room Service already took out the amenity tray, but even the plates got Browned."
by Billy Glide June 06, 2009
To be owned or knocked out by a "Bro" or one with Bro-like qualities.
1st Guy: "Damn, did you guys see The Jersey Shore last night?"
2nd Guy: "Yeah Snookie got Browned!"
by Thuglifemax January 26, 2010
The act of shitting oneself and/or one's surroundings
"Golly Galoshers! I appear to have browned myself"
"Poppy, come quick, it would appear Char's browned the sofa again...."
by Armadillo April 23, 2005
The ack of getting hit by LA Kings player Dustin Brown.
What a hit, that guy just got Browned
by Mooy04 January 09, 2008
Southern California slang meaning loaded on heroin. "Brown" is slang for heroin. Browned is the state of being on heroin.
Man, I am BROWNED!

Let's get browned!
by Podee August 26, 2006
This is derived from the Chris Brown/Rihanna debacle, in which he was said to have beaten her up.
"You're going to get Browned if you don't give me the money"
by r. girl March 02, 2009

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