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Browning yourself:

#1 craping yourself. laying shit in your trousers. drop a loaf of shit in your pants.

#2 scared the crap out of yourself.

#3 so amazed you shit yourself.
ever had one of those times from out of nowhere you have to make a monster doo? I had one of those the other day while I was organizing boxes at my storage unit, and with no place to go I thought I was going to brown myself until I scavenged some napkins out of the taco sacks in my car, pulled the door shut on the unit and went to browntown in an empty moving box. talk about a moving experience.

Then, after busting a loaf I about browned myself again when the door on the unit wouldn't open. All I could imagine was the look on some chaps face in the morning when they show up and let me out with my box of deux.
by thespecialedge February 02, 2011