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"Brownbacking is unprotected anal sex, or anal sex without condoms. The term should be understood to refer to risky unprotected anal with multiple and often anonymous partners and a self-identified "brownbacker"—someone with that bumper sticker on his car—is someone who seeks unprotected anal sex with multiple and often anonymous partners. Brownbackers prefer that term because it sounds sexy and healthy and glamorous and it lends itself to brownback-glamorizing bullshit. ... It associates shitty behavior and shitty choices with actual shit."
As a Brownbacker, a guy will often end up with santorum all over his dick.
by nezus November 09, 2009
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when you fuck someone so hard in the ass that they shit themselves
dude this fuckin chick shit all over my cock when i gave her a brown backer and i socked her in the face
by dhbcvvbc June 22, 2007
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Someone that stabs you in the back and then brown noses you to make it back up.
I just caught that brownbacker in bed with my little sister and now he wants to volunteer to buy refreshments for their next girl scout meeting.
by dopple20422 December 31, 2009
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