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A married Marine
"That new Marine is a brown bagger with kids at home."
by A Marine Wife October 22, 2008
11 34
A person who goes to restraunts or other people's houses to have diarrea. This is a frequent occurance, and often without exchange of pleasentries.
person 1: Yo homes you be brown baggin!
brown bagger: ...
by Bacon Mcbonerface Sandwich August 16, 2008
7 33
A married member of the United States Marine Corps.
Lcpl. Graham refused to get any pussy in Thailand because he is a brownbagger.
by Candidate Badass August 22, 2007
9 36
When you fuck a guy up the ass who hasnt cleaned out his hole and the condom comes out with poo on it.
I fucked that guy last night but he was a brown bagger - ick!
by zerrick412 April 22, 2009
12 43
a white woman who likes licking the cream off the balls of black men for lunch.
Michelle used to be cool, but now she's a brown bagger.
by captainculo May 11, 2008
9 61