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A gang that hangs out by the stairs at Kempner High School
Lead by Adam "the white boy"
Head chef: Ferhan Moton
PERSON 1: Oh no we'd better watch out for that gang the Brown Tigers and their white friend Adam
PERSON 2: Yeah I heard they bake a mean cake!
by William Nichols and Fauzia Zavary September 09, 2004
av. Prolonged use of Heroin, Scag, Junk, etc. Can cause latent philanthropical tendencies such as youth ministry or a motivational speaking at high schools.
-I rode that brown tiger for 15 years! It took me through a carnival of Hell and by the end I was barely even human. It was one hell of a smack bender.
by Gustov August 05, 2003
the act of deficating on someones chest, then turning around and running your fingers through the feces while purring like a tiger.
john was upset when mary shat on his chest, but was soon arroused by her finger nails as she purred and gave him his stripes and made it a brown tiger
by BuRnZy187 August 28, 2011