A gang that hangs out by the stairs at Kempner High School
Lead by Adam "the white boy"
Head chef: Ferhan Moton
PERSON 1: Oh no we'd better watch out for that gang the Brown Tigers and their white friend Adam
PERSON 2: Yeah I heard they bake a mean cake!
by William Nichols and Fauzia Zavary September 09, 2004
Top Definition
the act of deficating on someones chest, then turning around and running your fingers through the feces while purring like a tiger.
john was upset when mary shat on his chest, but was soon arroused by her finger nails as she purred and gave him his stripes and made it a brown tiger
by BuRnZy187 August 28, 2011
av. Prolonged use of Heroin, Scag, Junk, etc. Can cause latent philanthropical tendencies such as youth ministry or a motivational speaking at high schools.
-I rode that brown tiger for 15 years! It took me through a carnival of Hell and by the end I was barely even human. It was one hell of a smack bender.
by Gustov August 05, 2003
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