your just enjoying a tasty gobble off your shackjob and you've not long had a turd, so you take it upon yourself to wipe your nasty, brown ring up and down vertically across her peachy alabaster tiddies
Montage: Man, can you believe that shit? I was just givin my nigga some well deserved head - sucking up all that baby gravy n all, when dang, nigga dang, that nigga goes and pulls a brown tie on my ass!

Ulysses de la Bates: No way beeatch! I can't believe you put that fowl phallus near your big ass nigga lips - especially as he ain't washed that poultry wicket in months. Besides which, you let him brown tie your lame ass without comment. Man, your wizards sleeve deserve more attention. Ya dig?
by small bum cage July 15, 2006
Top Definition
Your fucking a chic in the ass then you pull out and go for the tity fuck, leaving a brown skid down her chest.
by Nasty Pete August 15, 2003
A sexual act in which, after engaging anally, the female party will be fucked the Russian way. Leaving a ''Brown-tie'' between her tits.
After giving Mary a Brown-tie, she walked up to the mirror when she stated: I should wear suits more often.
by Reine the knight May 11, 2009
The shit skid left on a chick's stomach after tit-fucking her.
Check out that chicks brown tie
by Mikus February 06, 2003

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