The most wet, dirty, polluted, and disgusting sound wave ever emitted from the anal cavity. Usually accompanied by mild excretion and typical repulsiveness.
Wow Andy, your car muffler makes a brown sound.
by James W. December 20, 2005
Top Definition
The Brown Sound is a very low frequency sound that, when produced and heard by human beings, forces the listener(s) to shit their pants relentlessly.
Riot control on campus was forced to subdue the fighting students by emitting the Brown Sound, thus removing all impulse to continue rioting.
by Rowan C. January 09, 2007
The signature sound of Eddie Van Halen.
Listen to any early Van Halen album...when you hear a guitar, you'll be hearing the Brown Sound. It's a guitar sound so incredible it'll make you shit your pants.
by Mad River Canoe February 08, 2009
The noises accompanying a liquid and/or gaseous bowel movement.
"I've been sick all day. I had to use the third floor bathroom at work so no one would hear my brown sounds."
by AjaPoo May 27, 2009
an amazing brown guitarist who makes sound from his guitar.
(not a wet fart)
Dude, that guy played like Brownsound!
by taylor54 April 12, 2006
Like "White Noise", Brown Sound is a level of noise humans can only hear when someone is talking absolute Bull Shit.

It could be literally described as defecating orally.
Nathan: "Dude, I totally got laid last night."
Alomgir: "Shut the fuck up!"
Liam: "Don't worry about it. He's just talking Brown Sound."
by FlabberJabber August 24, 2008
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