Its when your having sex and you crap in your hand and smear it in the girls eyes and steal her pocket book.
I have some money because I gave Anna a brown robin last night.
by BradF June 22, 2011
Top Definition
A sexual favor commonly performed by a man on a woman where the man uses his nose to repeatedly jab the woman's fartbox or anus. Only the nose may be used for a properly executed Brown Robin
Justin : '' So im down on one knee about to propose...and she's not havin it...
Matt: '' uh oh, what' d you do then?

Justin: '' well, I spun her around and gave her the old Brown Robin!!!
Nick: '' Last night the wife let me bust a nut all over her time wasting face...''
Ryan: No Shit! How'd you get her to do that?
Nick: '' welp, I warmed her up real good with the old Brown Robin!!!

cinncinati bowtie tongue punch anal cumshot lake minnetonka
by Poogie guy May 28, 2012
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