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If your are giving your partner a very lucious rim job, leading to a fece eruption and then go to another partner and give them a kiss on the lips. A brown kiss.
Oh My god, i didnt even know larry was giving me a brown kiss. Look at me I have shit all over my mouth.
by Chase Ryan December 29, 2005
to fart and then dedicate it to somebody.
Pete farts, then says "That was a brown kiss for you."

Ramon answers: "Thank you!"
by Pete S. aka lvlasta_lee October 24, 2006
spreding you ass cheeks then puing you ass hole on some one. Leaveing a mark on some one like when some one kisses you with lip stick on. But intead of lip stick its shit stick.
Fuck man !!!! I smell like shit. That girl coved me in brown kiss. Fuck bitches!

booty kisses kiss shit ass
by brandi girl-pervv November 07, 2009
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