when taking a poop, the butthole pinches off the poop, creating a small mass of shit that drops down into the toilet and wreaks havoc by splashing water on your buttcheeks and up your asshole.
i just created a brown bomber that created a tidal wave on my ass
by Ieat Yoshit May 18, 2010
Top Definition
Strain of marijuana made famous from the movie Grandma's Boy which is "when you smoke this, you'll shit your pants." You get so stoned you don't know whats going on and shit your pants.
I don't want any of the brown bomber, I already shit my pants this week.
by Hbick With A Huge D*ck May 24, 2006
Dropping some feces (turds,poop) in the toilet. The process of sending feces (turds poop) into the toilet bowl.
He had to rush to the bathroom to release some Brown Bombers right away.
by Max Powers2.0 January 23, 2009
Sydney Australian slang for a parking enforcement officer, who wears a brown uniform.
"Here comes the Brown Bomber, move your car."
by brnbombr October 16, 2009
An Asian woman, usually Pinay or Thai, who has sex with white gentlemen in exchange for currency.
This year I'm going to vacation in Manila and hook up with a bunch of brown bombers.
by Old White and Nerdy April 30, 2015
Tobacco sprinkled with marijuana shake on top that is given to an unsuspecting person as a joke and/or revenge.
We gave that chick some Brown Bomber just to fuck with her.
by Wayne Jarvis April 28, 2011
A junior-high or high-school wrestler who frequently craps his singlet during a match.
Dude, that kid's a brown bomber. You're gonna be mud-wrestling him.
by e-boy September 22, 2007
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