The act of having anal intercourse with a African (American) male while his scrotum slaps against the partners anus.
When Jerome told his friends about his time last night they asked if he participated in Brown Bagging her. He replied "Hell Yeah son I beat the shit out of that Chili Chute".
by George Schwanz April 05, 2011
Take a hot, steamy shit in a bag, preferrably a brown bag, and then tie, or twist, it shut. Proceed to hit somebody with it, most likely the face so they can smell the steaming pile of shit.
Wanna help me out in Brown Bagging my teacher?
by Y2Jermsy August 10, 2008
To leave a fecal residue on a sex partner. May or may not include use of the scrotum(BAWLZ).
Last night I totally brownbagged that bitch all over her face/chest.
by walczyk January 17, 2005
When you receive head from someone wearing a brown bag over their head if they have a nasty face.
Dude me and the chick, well I think it was a chick were brownbagging it the other day.
by Gary Sphinktas April 13, 2006
The art of 'Tea Bagging' having covered your balls in faeces first.
Julie was so drunk she didn't wake up when I was brown bagging her!!
by DANK THE TANK November 30, 2007
brown bagging means to cover or hide information
yo girl be talking in code, brown bagging infomation.
by Andre Young March 19, 2005
when a man wears no underwear
i'm brownbaggin it nizzle
by boner50 February 06, 2005
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