Bangin' body, sure is a shotty, but her face is naughty.
"If you don't wear a rubber, your sons face will suffer, brown bag a bitch... brown bag a bitch" -Dingleberry Enterprises
by P.F. Dingleberry March 13, 2009
When your fucking someone in the ass while wearing a condom and pull out which you look to find out that your condom is covered in poop.
I was fucking the bitch so hard in the ass, when I was done this bitch gave me a brown bag.
by Deeptoot123 September 12, 2011
this word means basically whatever you want it to mean. You use it in a sentence to make people around you wonder what the hell your talkind about. They'll ask, "Whats a brown bag?" I usually respond,"Sorry, can't tell you. Its a secret."
Quit brown bagin around the place like your some sort of magic man; Why can't you just be like everyone else and clean your brown bag every once in a while?
by jordan lee walker January 22, 2009
A "brown bag" is a term used to describe a bowel movement into ones undergarments. Typically it results from the overwhelming, albeit mistaken urge to pass gas. This is fairly common in young children and the elderly. The term "brown bagging it" is often used to describe bringing ones lunch to school or work. While considered related in that one can result in the other, the two terms have entirely different meanings and consequences.
Johnny rushed to catch the bus for school. His mother yelled "Johnny, you forgot your lunch". Johnny's friend Timmy sat next to him on the bus and said " so you are brown bagging it today". Johnny did not respond as the bus continued on its journey to school. As the bus pulled up to the school to drop the children off, Timmy and the rest of the children stood up to leave. Johnny sat motionless in his seat. Timmy said "come on Johnny". Johnny broke into tears and Timmy could smell the odor of feces. The bus driver approached and asked if Johnny was ok. Johnny responded "no", and said in between sobs, "I have a brown bag".
by whoins November 17, 2010
The act of unzipping one's bean bag, and taking a dump in it... then zipping it back up for the next unsuspecting user.
D: "I just brown bagged my roomates bean bag while he was showering."
L: "Dude thats raw!"
D: "I can't wait for movie night tonight!"

*later that night during movie night*

K: "Oh you guys are asses!"
by Fenchfckr October 18, 2009
When a guy wipes his ass and his stroke is to long smearing fecal matter on his ball sack.
Man, Jerry smells like shit. He must be brown bagging.
by smarterthanall July 21, 2009
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