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a sex position where you are having sex and turn around to find a fat man named Tallah is on top of you.
"Dude, I never wanna try brown whale again."
by kylebp March 30, 2010
A turd of oceanic proportions, useful if pretending to be a pirate and in need of a dump. Often used in conjunction with "Thar she blows!"
"Thar she blows! It be the Brown Whale!"
by SamuelL.Jack July 02, 2009
When one is in a body of water deep enough to do a "front flip" in; one pulls down their pants, does the flip under water, and evacuates their bowels when only their rear is exposed above the water level thus making it look like a whale's blowhole spraying brown matter.
"Dude, Todd got so hammered at the mexican restaurant that he did a brown whale in the pool later that night. There was shit everywhere..."
by rajeshkoothrapali August 28, 2012