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When one uses a towel to wipe after defecating, not out of necessity, but personal preference.

Typically denied by some who claim the towels are used for sex.
"Why do you use so many towels?"

"For post-coital cleanup."

"Yeah right, you're using brown towels."
#sex #rag #towelie #fuck #blumkin #soggybox.
by the filthy hebrew December 08, 2009
A wet fart in front of company, then grabbing a paper towel mid conversation and wiping ones self in front of company. And then throw the towel in a waste basket
Maxwell was upset at Joker for browntoweling in front of him in the office this morning.

Joker was upset after he browntoweled at work in front of the other suporvisor.
#browntowel #brown towel #brown #towel #joker
by thegothknight September 20, 2014
The act of wiping your rear end with a damp towel after a big shit and then whipping somebody with it
Girl 1: I had to take an hour long shower last night
Girl 2: Why?
Girl 1: Ben Brown Towelled me
#shit #poo #towel #whip #gross
by wtfisahandle January 19, 2015
Masturbation, in which your result ends up on a towel, preferrably brown in color, for visual purposes.
Who's leaving these brown towels in the bathroom?

Don't Brown Towel in there!
#brown #towel #self fornication #masturbation #jackoff #dick
by spongedick December 06, 2009
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