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**Derived From Californias Very Own Governor, Jerry Brown.**

A Brown Jerry Is A Sexual Movie In Which A Male Has Anal Sex With Their Partner Then Proceeds To Pull It Out And Mushroom Stamp The Partners Forehead. This Is Done To Show Dominance.

Verb- Brown Jerried

Ex: I Brown Jerried Her Yesterday.
*Guy- Hey Do You See That Girl Over There?
*Girl- Yeah What About Her?
*Guy- I Gave Her A Brown Jerry Her Last Week.
*Girl- Whats That?
*Guy- Come Over Tonight And Ill Show You, I Only Do It To Certain People.
*Girl- Oh Alriht, Im Excited To Get A Brown Jerry.

.... Girl Comes Over That Night..... Never Speaks To That Guy Again.
by LivLovesLife November 15, 2010
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