To give/recieve the:

1. A clumsily placed dirty sanchez.
2. An act of unsolicited anal penatration which would cause the recieving party to frown.
1. "... found out the bitch had been cheating on me so I gave her the Brown Frown before kicking her out of my house!"
2. "... I dropped the soap and went to pick it up, then all of a sudden I was in terible agony as I found myself on the recieving end of a Brown Frown!"
by MrSamuel January 17, 2006
Top Definition
referring to schwag. A low quality brown marajuiana
by Curtlow April 27, 2003
marijuana of an exceptionaly poor quality.
also known as bunk
yeah, this rando hucked a sack of the brown frown into the car and told me it was nugz.
by matt L February 09, 2005
Brown Frown is a term often used to describe marijauna with very little potency. Marijauna considerded to be "brown frown" also happens to have a brownish hue. Hence the name, "brown frown."
This shit is some brown frown, man. I'm not even sure it's real weed.
by capmasta March 31, 2011
The expression on somebody's face when they realise that they have just been taken to brown town unknowingly.
Natalie was wearing a brown frown when she discovered that Tony had entered her with extreme stealth from behind.
by Bagel Dave July 03, 2006
Tractor pulls that end up on your banana hammocks (tighty whities).
More than two brown frowns and the skivvies go into the Goodwill bin.

The bus driver's gotta have a brown frown after that accident.
by HD Shell October 11, 2004
The face one makes upon realizing he just ate shit.
You should have seen the brown frown on Rod's face after our horrible tossed salad incident.
by mc teabag November 24, 2003
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