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broun deer

The only suburb of Milwaukee with a 1:1 ratio of blacks and whites. Has a bowling alley, Salvation Army. The site for the PGA tour (in the aptly named Brown Deer Park).

Also known as: Brown Dizzle, BD-Town, The Village

"I live in Brown Deer. White people and black people do too"
by heirloomination February 24, 2009
North of Milwaukee, it's called a suburb. but it's really not. people from neighboring villages come to brown deer and go "WOAH! is that a black person?" Equal ratio of blacks and whites. Very good football, cheer, baseball, and golf teams. home of steve novak, the greatest shooter to sit on the bench ever.

Also known as the Dirty Deer, B-Dizzle.
Let's go to Brown Deer!
by ThEEEMan221 June 11, 2011