When you perform anal oral and you notice you have a chocolate milk tongue afterwards.
OMG, like last night, I was putting my toungue into my girl friend butt and like afterwards, my toungue was brown, ewwww I had a brown cow.
by Frank Mancuso October 25, 2005
Top Definition
Where chocolate milk comes from.
Look at all those brown cows! I guess the farmer must sell chocolate milk.
by Jimmis June 25, 2009
The action of slapping a woman in the face with your penis after performing unprotected anal sex with her. The object is to cover her face with feces and/or blood.
When Carly refused to cook ribs, Alex gave her a brown cow.
by WotanMitUns June 22, 2006
The mixing of Pepsi and milk, to create a fizzy, milky treat. Both words are usually elongated and pronounced in a promiscuous nature.
"Dude, what the hell is that you're drinking?"
"It's called a Brown Cow."
by davidistheman July 22, 2009
sticking the penis in the anus of the female and taking it out with feces on the penis and then the female "milks" the cow
hey i totally brown cowed this one bitch last night. my dick was full of shit
by chodemanbear January 02, 2010
the act of shitting on a person's chest and/ or face and "moo" like a cow
Paula: "What's a 'Brown Cow'?"

Dean: *pfft* "MOO!"
by JKitsLUCAS March 30, 2011
The semen from a man that comes out of a women's vagina after sex, when she has been off her period for a few days.
"I gave the farmers daughter a brown cow"
by kimbopotamuz April 08, 2010
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