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An enchanting sex act in which the lady drops a deuce on the gentleman's chest and smears it around with her buttocks WHILE riding him reverse cowboy style. Generally both participants are close to climaxing or have just climaxed.
Timmy was both turned on and disgusted when Suzy took a dump on his chest and smeared it around just as he climaxed. Little did he know he'd just enjoyed a brown betty.
by Mrs. McNicky January 17, 2010
13 17
1. a botchy attempt at wiping one's posterior, thus resulting in a serpentine pattern of feces in the back of one's undergarments (i.e. mudbutt)

2. generalized term for a someone that gives rimjobs (i.e. rimjob)
After taking a hurried shit break at work, I found myself puzzled from the sensation of a rather moist brown betty in my trousers.

That brown betty put how much syrup again?!
by id0pa July 08, 2004
73 15
A hybrid of Chronic Supernova and afghan kush made known by the tv show fringe
Man: damn i smoked way too much brown betty last night
friend: ya man you ate all my cereal and then laughed so hard you turned purple
by slidesthepool April 24, 2011
23 3
When someone squats over a sleeping person's face, and someone else wakes the sleeping person. As soon as the sleeping person wakes up, the squatting person shits all over his face.
Rusty passed out at the party Friday night, so we decided to give him a Brown Betty.
by shuffshuff May 24, 2013
2 3
When you are having doggy style and you pull out your dick covered in feces and mushroom slap the girl
"dave gave her a bruise that brown betty"
by Nick Gspank April 12, 2006
6 31
When you put your finger in a girl's ass and then wipe your finger from the ass across the girls upper lip so she has to smell it. Can be done after a titpoits.
After Steve fingered Jane's ass, he gave her a brown betty
by Jeremy Francis December 03, 2004
7 45