When you pull a prank by shitting into someones backpack with out telling your friends
Did you hear someone brown Bagged tyler phillips yesterday...hahahaa
by nicco Hallo February 12, 2008
When you wipe your ass the wrong way and you get shit all over your nutsack.
Not only did I leave shit in my stinkystar when I was drunk, but I also brown bagged too!
by kirby696969 October 21, 2005
A guy that has a good personality/sense of humor/etc. but doesn't cut it in the appearance department. Therefore he is doable if you are drunk or he wears a paper bag over his head or both.
Yeah I did him; he's a total paper bag.
by Rebby February 01, 2004
The male equivalent to BURNT CURTAINS. When the scrotal skin is a much darker color than the surrounding skin.
Boy Ranger Nate sure is pale, but I saw him in the shower the other day and he has a Brown Bag.
by Lurch August 15, 2004
when you and your fuck buddy are having an all night fuckfest and you finally hit her g-spot and the bitch shits on you from shear ecstacy. usually you will have to be in missionary or some other position that allows your satchel to be in the line of fire. basically a skid row of the balls.
damn bro, last night me and your mom were fucking so long and hard that i got the brown bag TWICE!

i finally brown bagged the noob yesterday.
by bigrayray June 28, 2006
The act of sucking a fart out of another's ass then blowing it back in. Similar to using a bag when hyperventilating.
That chick is so hot that I would brown bag her fart box.
by Bigdickieswingin January 17, 2016
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