A "brown bag" is a term used to describe a bowel movement into ones undergarments. Typically it results from the overwhelming, albeit mistaken urge to pass gas. This is fairly common in young children and the elderly. The term "brown bagging it" is often used to describe bringing ones lunch to school or work. While considered related in that one can result in the other, the two terms have entirely different meanings and consequences.
Johnny rushed to catch the bus for school. His mother yelled "Johnny, you forgot your lunch". Johnny's friend Timmy sat next to him on the bus and said " so you are brown bagging it today". Johnny did not respond as the bus continued on its journey to school. As the bus pulled up to the school to drop the children off, Timmy and the rest of the children stood up to leave. Johnny sat motionless in his seat. Timmy said "come on Johnny". Johnny broke into tears and Timmy could smell the odor of feces. The bus driver approached and asked if Johnny was ok. Johnny responded "no", and said in between sobs, "I have a brown bag".
by whoins November 17, 2010
Top Definition
i.e. what happens to a butterface

- When a female has an extremely sexually appealing body, but ridiculously ugly face, one is forced to place a brown bag upon her head (maybe draw a face on it, or if you're nice cut some holes for breathing purposes) before having sex with her.
1: "Dude, that chick is such a butterface"

2: "Yeah, i'd brown bag that sh*t though"
by Pri Money May 04, 2005
a girl who is too ugly to fuck but you would fuck her with a bag over her head
avril lavigne
by AnTwat December 10, 2003
A brown bag used to put over a butter face.
grocery bag
I'd only fuck the butter face is she was brownbagged.
by operation_kill_anal_cheese April 10, 2005
Informal Lunch meeting in a company, where one person (from any department) volunteers to talk about a specific topic. Topic is usually related to the technology, business or market that company is in. Attendence is encouraged, but not compulsory. If your boss is going to attend, then to suck up to him/her, you may also want to attend. The Brown Bag term came up because everyone walks in with their lunch in brown bags, as the comapny does not pay for that lunch. Sometimes, sucker employees volunteer to speak at brown bag to show off their knowledge.
Hey, today at the brown bag, Jim, from TSD department, is going to talk up about nano technology.
by Dilip Dhanda November 23, 2004
Copulation with a member of the opposite sex facilitated by placing a grocery bag over their head, usually because they have a bangin bod, but a busted grill.
guy1: Damn dude! Check out that ass!
guy2: *whistles*
*hottie turns around, acne all over*
both in unison: Aww...damn!
guy1: Well, I'd still brown bag her.
guy2: *nods while shaking head*
by CunningLinguist March 25, 2004
This phenomenon occurs when one is in the process of defecating. In order to occur, the fecal flux must be a single, uninterrupted outflow, creating a log of such magnitude that the stool reaches the bottom of the bowl before being released. Once this delicate equilibrium is broken, the crap proceeds to fall forwards, gently tickling the underside of your testicular sac, leaving a brown deposit in its wake. This rare occurrence is known as the "brown bag".
-dude, your toilet bowl is so shallow, it gives me brown bags all the time!!
by flapdoodle13 August 03, 2010
Slang for beer. Usually a 40 of cheap malt liquor. Often found on the streets of Los Angeles.
"Yo i wanna get fuckin crunk man."

"But check it. I only got 4 bucks. Let's brown bag it"
by Annonnimous (sp) February 12, 2009
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