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Broward County is a county region in south Florida that is right above Miami-Dade County. Those two counties are considered as "sister counties" since they share the same cultural trends, art, musical styles, connections, language vernacular & News/Current events.

Broward County is a calmer, more mellow version of Miami, which has lower crime activity and tourist visitors.

Broward is the Birthplace of Stickin'/Jookin' dance and music, the immense population of proud Haitian niggas that will put a bullet in your head in a quick second, and southern slang that sound exactly like the rapper plies.
A: Nigga where you from?
B: I'm from Broward county bih'

A: what part? Pompano? Deerfield? Lauderdale? Sunrise? Deepside? Or Lauderhill?

B: I'm from Lauderdale!

A: Dat part!
by ANTOANTS December 13, 2015
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