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n- When two (2) dudes decide to end a serious friendship.
"Jimmy and Todd totally got a brovorce the other day. They haven't talked since."
"Oh no, Jimmy and Todd were so close."
"Yea I know, there bromance wasn't stable"
by Ronald Bakin Frise May 11, 2009
Noun: The Process by which a Bromance is broken up. Esp. When a girl is involved.
Dr House and Dr Wilson went through a Brovorce at the beginning of House season 5.

Tim and Jim are having a Brovorce because Tim slept with Jim's ex.
by stoner_wars April 10, 2009
An informal arrangement in which two or more brothers (biological, not the slang for friends) decide that they no longer want to speak to each other or otherwise have a relationship.
Jeff was acting like a jerk and told Jason he did not want to have a brotherhood any longer, so Jason ended their brotherhood with a brovorce.
by usmc1107 December 26, 2011

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