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The sublime and highly sought after status of being so bro that everyone idolizes you. This includes wearing V-necks, fist pumping, and getting girls.

One must never put a ho before a bro or will face suspension and/or possible expulsion from Brotorious.

Bros must drink excessive amounts and dance on any object possible (coffee tables, stoves, refrigerators, etc.)

To gain official Brotorious status one must go through "Bro-nitiation" which involves partying for a weekend with some Brotorious Bros in the "Bro-Dome" who will put you to the test and vote on if you have what it takes.
Girl: "OMG did you see how fucking sexy those bros were."

Guy: "Yeah there so rad they have to be in Brotorious"

Bros: (in the background) "Bro-Bro-Bro-Brotorious!"
by Brotorious Founding Fathers June 02, 2010
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