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A member of an elite group of photographers, originating from a "Brotographer" group in early 2011 on Facebook. Members typically add "-Brotography" to the end of their name to signify that they are a member of this group.

Brotographers have also been known to troll bad photographers who get clients to pay ridiculous amounts of money for their "lackluster" work.

Common phrases a brotographer might say include (But are not limited to):

You are a cunt.

That shii cray
Fuck you
World Domination
Pix or GTFO
Tones bro
John Smith-Brotography

"We're going to have a Brotographer meetup in Seattle, and Florida"

"I wish I was good enough to be a Brotographer"
by kylekruchok December 03, 2011
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A brother of a fashion blogger who graciously, out of their busy day, takes blog photos for them.
Did you see where my Brotographer went? He needs to get a detail shot of my arm party!
by KCat November 01, 2012
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A hipster that thinks that owning a DSLR and taking picture of flowers or a park bench in black and white makes them a professional photographer.
"Chris is such a brotographer, all he does is take pictures of trees with his pop up flash"
by Ethanicles November 09, 2011
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Your close photog friend(s). Equipment is often shared between the photographer(s), and usually experiment with different techniques of photography together.
Keegan is my brotographer, we both use the same lenses.
by rramero April 20, 2010
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