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A tie, usually worn by one that would consider himself a "bro", but is considered by everyone else as an utter toolbag of society.
"Deary me, did you see Jimmy and Todd wearing their Broties? How embarrassed they must be."
by Dr. Fetus Ink February 20, 2009
An individual who chooses to where a neck tie loosely around his neck with the top button undone. It is done to show a rebellious persona, while at the same time, conforming to the institution of mens formal wear.
Person 1: Why was that guy wearing his tie so loosely?
Person 2: Dude, he's just rockin a brotie.
by g man 21 September 14, 2011
(Bro-tie) When a Bro ejaculates on/around the neck of another bro. The pearl necklace of ultimate dude-ery.
Even though i'm buck naked, i sure feel fancy in this bro-tie.
by SuperBorst April 22, 2011
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